Bolster Your Immunity By Adding These Homemade, Delicious Treats From Aazol

Bolster Your Immunity By Adding These Homemade, Delicious Treats From Aazol

Post-pandemic, we have all been consciously taking care of our health. COVID-19 made us all realise the importance of immunity. It is our immune system that determines if we are at risk of succumbing to deadly viruses. No wonder why coronavirus led to a lot of chatter around immunity-boosting foods. Across the globe, people started hunting for foods that claimed to boost the immune system. Interestingly, foods promising a boost in immunity came right from our kitchens. Staples like amla, jaggery, ragi, turmeric, ginger, and spinach all came to the rescue. Today, though a lot of us are cognizant of the healthy, immunity-boosting kitchen ingredients, little do we know how to make them a part of our daily routine. That's why brands like Aazol are a true saviour! Offering homemade, immunity-boosting foods, Aazol ensures you are fueling your body right. Here are some must-try, immunity-boosting treats from Aazol.

Soft Coconut Jaggery Chikki

[photo1]Aazol's handma

de, soft coconut jaggery chikki is loaded with the goodness of coconut and liquid jaggery. It is just the perfect snack for that time of the day when you are craving a dessert but want to go guilt-free. Coconut is packed with nutrients, great for our overall health and jaggery is a natural sweetener, rich in potassium and minerals. Liquid jaggery is a great immunity booster and the ingredient also makes this chikki a healthy alternative for those taking the sugar-free route. Don't Miss: All About Aazol: Empowering Rural Maharashtra With Homegrown Foods

Amla Gulkand

[photo2]A natural immunity booster, amla comes packed in the form of a delicious gulkand from Aazol. This post-meal digestive has fresh Damascus rose petals and Vitamin C-rich amla. The combo satiates your sweet cravings, boosts immunity, and cools your system.

Mahua Ladoo

[photo3]These nutri balls from Aazol contain rare forest flowers found in the remote Nandurbar belt. Rich in iron, these sweet balls serve as an ideal post-meal dessert or a quick energy booster at work. Don't Miss: Grilled Kebabs To Chicken Salad, 3 Traditional Maharashtrian Recipes That Are Delicious & Healthy

Ragi Ladoo

These Ragi ladoos are a powerhouse of nutrients. They are packed with protein, iron, calcium, fibre, and amino acids. Aazol's delicious ragi ladoos are low on sweetness and high on goodness. From controlling blood sugar to aiding weight loss, ragi has multiple benefits for our health.

Jumbo Black Raisins

[photo4]Prepared using the best quality seedless raisins sourced for Nashik, these jumbo black raisins can do wonders for your health. They improve eyesight, enhance skin and keep digestive issues at bay.