Crop Top Crunch Time 2023

crop top crunch time [photo1]

Want Abs? Do this!

Our 2023 Crop Top Crunch Time (mini) Challenge is here! This is a FREE 14 day abs challenge you can do at-home...

May 2023

Green Smoothie Overnight Oats

Sometimes you want the benefits of a smoothie, with a little more stick-to-your-ribs heft. Because of the carb and protein content, try this Green Smoothie Overnight Oats recipe to refuel after an hou...

Mar 2023

12 RD-Approved Low Sugar Recipes

When you think of Heart Health Month, you may think of things like how to identify a stroke, high blood pressure, or signs of a heart attack. This is all important and useful information, but this Hea...

Feb 2023

5 Strategies to Boost Heart Health

It's Heart Health Month, so we're celebrating ways to keep your ticker in tiptop shape. After all, keeping your heart healthy is key to leading a healthy lifestyle. According to the World Health Organ...

Feb 2023

Paralysis of the body

Paralysis - energy imbalance
For Ayurveda, man is a micromodel of Nature, and it is a projection of the Universe. Thus, the human organism exists in dynamic equilibrium of motion, transfor...

Jan 2023