Ayurveda way of life will help fight second wave of deadly Coronavirus.

Ayurveda way of life will help fight second wave of deadly Coronavirus.
Apr 2021

Ayurveda way of life will help fight second wave of deadly Coronavirus. The best way is to adopt the ancient method of Ayurveda to keep the body's immune system in fit and in fighting mode. Proper utilisation of herbs and plants develops Ojas that can help combat viruses and infections.
India is in the grip of a fast-spreading second wave of the deadly coronavirus. No state is spared and there is general panic around. Adding to the panic is the emergence of infections or flu indicated by symptoms like runny nose, sore or strep throat, body ache, stiffness, headache, shortness of breath resulting in drowsiness, weakness, sluggishness. These symptoms depend on the type of virus or other pathogens involved.
The symptoms differ and sometimes depend upon the comorbid conditions of a person or a patient. When a person has flu or an infection, there is an extra dose of accompanying panic as the symptoms are closely associated with Covid-19 too. At the same time, one cannot brush aside infections even if it is not COVID because it could be serious or even fatal.
Viruses are known to be the main causative factor for infections or seasonal flu along with some other allergens like dust, pollen, air pollution, smoke etc. There are more than 200 known viruses and many more other pathogens present in the atmosphere. What is alarming is that new viruses, differing in severity and characteristics, are also emerging which pose new problems for humanity.
Adopt the ancient method of Ayurveda:
For bacterial infections, antibiotics are available, but for other pathogens, specifically viral infections, antibiotics may not work and neither is any medicine available for treating such viruses. The best way is to adopt the ancient method of Ayurveda to keep the body's immune system in fit and in fighting mode. The strength of the immune system depends on how efficiently the body functions and utilizes its sustenance-energy from within one's physiology.
Research has proved that human physiology has the innate ability to handle the viruses appropriately. However, this is dependent on the strength of one's immune system or defence mechanism which can get compromised due to lifestyle diseases.
What needs flagging is that the body's immune system depends upon what we eat, how we eat, how well it is being digested to produce different tissues to maintain the normal functioning of the system. If we eat junk food or something that is not appropriate for the body-type of an individual, proper digestion will not take place and undigested food will create toxins, called Ama in Ayurveda.
The Ama can spread in the body system and disturb normal functioning of physiology. In the process, immunity is compromised. A person moving around with compromised immunity is likely to get infected by the increased presence of viruses or other pathogens in the atmosphere during change of season.
Ayurveda recommends multimodality approach to take care of health during change of season in such a way that the physiology continues to function with peak performance while maintaining sufficient reserve for our immune system to enable us to face mental and physical stresses, and to protect us from external infectious invasions including allergens and viruses. Ayurvedic texts have copious references to herbs that can shore up the body's immune system. But with changing times and with an exponential outburst in lifestyle diseases, Ayurveda has embarked on research to fine-tune the combination of herbs and plants.
Keep this after Capabilities
The common plants known to shore up a body's immunity include herbs like Tulsi, known for its antiviral immunomodulator and antipyretic properties that can help normalize body temperatures. Kali Mirch (Piper nigrum) helps reduce pain while breathing as well as cleanses channels.
Ginger, known as the wholesome Herb (Maha Aushadh), along with long pepper, controls toxins, cleans throat, treats cough. This helps reduce improperly-digested impurities (Ama) that can decrease ones resistance. It can support body's optimal operating temperature too.
While Cumin, Licorice can help balance digestive enzymes, Bilva helps in assimilation of nutrients. Giloy, Sonth, Pippali, Mulethi and Lahsun are potent antioxidants which help neutralize free radicals.
When all Doshas, tissues, malas and shtrotas (channels) are in balance, the body creates what is called 'Ojas' or energy or vigour. The aim of Ayurveda is to develop Ojas through proper utilisation of herbs. It is Ojas that can combat infections and viruses. Immunity has to be developed, it is not something which can be injected.
Ayurdefence-AV helps the body strengthen its immunity:
Keeping in view the compromised immunity created by the coronavirus and the fact that the virus attacks the respiratory system, Maharishi Ayurveda's research has come up with a combination of 19 potent herbs. The new combination, called Ayurdefence- AV, has multi-functional attributes including that of being bronchodilator, antiallergic, immunomodulator which help in strengthening Upper Respiratory System, reduce AMA and spur digestive capabilities.
The synergistic effect of the herbs in Ayurdefence-AV helps the body strengthen its immunity. Herbs in this formulation also help if combating flu like symptoms including fever, runny nose, difficulty in breathing and cough.
The coming months are extremely crucial as the second wave of Covid-19 will start peaking. It is better to be prepared and armed. The only defence is our own immune system that should be fine-tuned and optimised to meet any eventuality through time-tested herbs.
Mr Anand Shrivastava
Chairman - Maharishi Ayurveda.
New Delhi